Kegelbell® works that simply

Getting started with training with a Kegelbell is easy.

We designed it this way because we know that you have a lot to do and have other things to take care of besides Kegel exercises! So here is a quick guide to getting started and using Kegelbell:

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Step 1: Get familiar with Kegelbell

Choose one of the two inserts to start with. The smaller one is
more difficult, but it is important that you choose the insert that you are most comfortable with to get started.
Don't worry about the weights for now. Choose a time when you have 5-7 minutes to yourself, e.g. before or in the shower.

Step 2: Wash your hands and the yellow silicone insert with soap and water

We recommend keeping the insert slightly damp after washing to make it easier to insert. You can apply some lube to make insertion even easier.

Step 3: Stand with your knees slightly bent and your feet hip-width apart

The first time you try this outside of the shower, place a towel underneath you. It is common for Kegelbell to fall out during training. The towel keeps the Kegelbell clean.

Step 4: Insert the insert like a tampon with the string hanging between your legs

First, try holding the smaller insert while standing for 10 seconds. If it falls out, try holding the larger insert for 10 seconds. If the larger insert falls out within 10 seconds, continue with the “laying down series” (page 10 in the detailed PDF instructions available for free download here ).

Step 5: Determine your starting weight

When you can hold the small insert for 10 seconds without it falling out, begin adding the outer weights to gradually increase the weight. Hold each weight for 10 seconds. If the weight falls out during the 10 seconds, that is your starting weight. Gradually adding weights in 30g increments looks like this
from: A, B, A+B, C, A+C, A+B, A+B+C

Step 6: For your first full workout, try tensing for 10 seconds and then relaxing for 20 seconds (see Step 7)

The tightening begins with the muscles around the anus and then moves up through the vagina. As the muscles reflexively do the work, try connecting your mind to your body and feeling the muscles pull up and in. Now try to hold the tension for 10 seconds.

Step 7: Relax the muscles for 20 seconds and then tense again for 10 seconds. Repeat these cycles for 5 minutes. Your first training is done!

After 10 seconds, take out the Kegelbell insert or simply hold the weight in your hand so that the muscles are relieved so that your muscles can recover for 20 seconds. These times can vary, but the main goal is to ensure that the rest time is twice as long as the time the muscles are contracted.

Remember to breathe throughout the entire process. The relaxing
is just as important for building muscle as tensing. Alternate five
minutes with tensing and relaxing. You can do more, but you don't have to overdo it!

Step 8: Keep your Kegelbell clean

When you're finished using your Kegelbell, rinse it with warm water and soap, pat it dry, and then store it in your storage bag or in the shower.

Step 9: Keep training and stick with it

If you can hold the weight for more than 10 seconds, count how long you can hold it and then relax for twice that amount of time, until a total of five minutes have passed. Once you can hold the weight for more than a minute, it's time to increase the weight! You can find recommendations for this in the training series for advanced users (in the free PDF instructions from page 13 “Maximize your Kegelbell workouts”).

Repeat this three days a week if you're in muscle-building mode, or once a week if you're in maintenance mode.

Kegelbell is designed so that you spend less time kegeling and more time enjoying your life without restrictions. Kegelbell is the first pelvic floor training device with external weights , which means our customers can train for just five minutes, three times a week in muscle building mode or once a week in maintenance mode.

You may be wondering, “How do Kegel weights work?” Kegelbell uses interchangeable external weights attached to a medical-grade silicone insert to make the perfect Kegel an automatic reflex.

This solution is safer and more efficient than other kegel alternatives such as kegel balls. Plus, because the weight is outside of your body, you can train safely and comfortably with more weight


How do I choose the right weights?

Detailed instructions that walk you through the individual steps to get the right one
The combination of insert and weight to get you started is included in your set and can be found in detail here:Instructions .

How do Kegel weights work?

Kegel weights work with a certain amount of weight that applies resistance to the pelvic floor muscles to strengthen them. Most other products are restricted to the inside of the body, meaning there is an upper limit to weight and also effectiveness. The genius of the Kegelbell is that the weight is held outside the body, making it more comfortable to use without limiting the amount of force a person can lift.

How do you introduce the product safely and correctly?

Stand with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart and bend your knees and insert the insert like a tampon. Using a natural lubricant makes insertion easier and more enjoyable, but is not absolutely necessary.

How do you clean the insert?

We recommend cleaning the insert with warm soap and water. Be sure to use unscented soap and make sure any residue is washed off before using.


Kegelbell kits include two medical-grade yellow silicone inserts and three interchangeable weights . You can increase the weights in 30 gram increments from 30 grams to 240 grams. This results in 16 levels of difficulty with which you can gradually build up your strength step by step!
You can gradually build up strength over time! Of course, instructions and a storage bag are also included.

The smaller the use and the heavier the weight, the more you turn your Kegel exercises into Super-Kegels!

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We spend so much time at the gym, buying expensive creams and getting other treatments that are supposed to help us stay healthy and feel fabulous, but we have completely neglected one of the most important muscle groups for so long.

Pelvic floor training is not a “nice-to-have”, but absolutely important if you want to support your body to function properly not only now, but also decades later. Using Kegelbell helps you get a strong and healthy pelvic floor. With Kegelbell we make this routine as easy and effective as possible. We've reduced the traditional 100 minutes of Kegel exercises per week to just three five minutes per week with Kegelbell's Super Kegels.

Use your Kegelbell for five minutes three times a week and you will start to notice improvements within 2 weeks!