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Kegelbell® - pelvic floor training device - original kit

Kegelbell® - pelvic floor training device - original kit

The gym for your pelvic floor - for more quality of life

Inserts made from 100% medical silicone

Easy to use and takes little time

Everything in a practical set with operating instructions

2 year guarantee 

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Known from

Everything you need to know

Easy application

Use Kegelbell in the shower for just 5 minutes, three times per week in muscle building mode or once per week for muscle maintenance.

The slim and ergonomically designed insert can be inserted effortlessly and comfortably into your body while the weight is suspended outside the body .

From improved bladder control to a more intense sex life, the benefits of a well-trained pelvic floor are endless!

What makes Kegelbell special

The Kegelbell set is rated as the heaviest vaginal weight set available on the market with a maximum weight of 250g worldwide. The weight can be adjusted from 30 g to 250 g . When used regularly, it offers countless benefits for your body.

Well-trained pelvic floor muscles can help and prevent the following problems:

  • Say goodbye to bladder weakness and intestinal problems such as constipation
  • Have the best sex of your life - even as you get older
  • Recover better after giving birth by specifically strengthening the vaginal muscles

product details

  • PFC & PVC free
  • Free from plasticizers, inserts made from 100% medical silicone
  • Packaging dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 350g
  • Tested according to REACH and RoHS guidelines by the manufacturer, as well as according to ISO 10993-5:2009 by an independent German laboratory

What you get

This is included in the set

  • 3 stackable weights (30g, 60g and 120g) for fully customized workouts from 30g up to 250g.

  • Inserts in 2 sizes that, together with the weights, create 16 adjustable training levels for optimal progress (S: 30 g, L: 40 g)

  • Detailed instructions and storage bag

High time to return to full life

Developed by a woman for women

About the product

The training device that connects women with their inner strength and gives them back a bit of quality of life. The Kegelbell pelvic floor training device is the only device on the market where the training weights are located outside of the body.

With 16 levels of difficulty and a maximum training weight of 250 g, Kegelbell is the most comprehensive and heaviest pelvic floor device on the market. It will boost your workout so you can spend less time doing kegel exercises and more time doing what you really love.

Thats what our customers say

"This device is a little miracle. Most women don't think they have a problem, but keep this in mind when you're exercising or sneezing. Do you occasionally leak urine? I've been using this product for 3 weeks and I find the results amazing I used to need to go to the bathroom at night, now I don't. I can't wait to see what other benefits I get from training my pelvic floor."



How do I use Kegelbell?

It is important for you to understand how to use the weights correctly. Kegelbell was developed as an innovative pelvic floor exercise device, its weights
be placed outside the body for the first time to allow very short and effective training sessions. Just insert the egg-shaped insert and your body will automatically respond with the right reflexes that will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

We recommend holding and releasing the weights, that is, contracting and then relaxing the muscles. If you're relaxing between sets, you can either remove the insert or hold the external weights in hand, preventing the gravitational pull down. Postmenopausal women often find it easier to hold the weights in their hands so they don't have to insert and remove the ball as many times in one session.

Most users find that they achieve their desired muscle gains within 12 weeks. They are then able to maintain improved bladder control and sexual function with ease they didn't even know they could experience. Many users report that with every increase in training weight, the quality of the orgasm also improves significantly.

Where can I find detailed instructions?

You can find detailed instructions and training tips on our instructions page . Of course, the set also comes with written instructions.

Where can I use Kegelbell?

Many Kegelbell users use their weekly beauty routine to perform Kegel workouts during their time in the bath or shower.

How far do I insert the Kegelbell?

Introducing Kegelbell is easy. ONLY the silicone insert egg is inserted like a tampon, with the metal weight hanging on the outside of the cord between the thighs. In order to judge how far you insert the insert, you can orientate yourself on the fact that the insert egg should feel as comfortable as the position of a tampon. You can also use a commercially available lubricant for easier insertion.

Is using the Kegelbell comfortable?

Since the weight is held at the end of a cord outside the body, you only need to insert the small, slim insert into the vagina, making using the Kegelbell absolutely comfortable and enjoyable.

You can also rub the insert with a lubricant if you want to make insertion even easier. We do not recommend using a silicone-based lube, but an oil or water-based lube. Keep in mind that you can hold noticeably less weight than without lubricant because the insert slips more easily. But no worry. You will still have an excellent workout as the muscles will have to contract even harder to hold the silicone egg.

We give you two inserts to choose from so you can find the most comfortable one for you. If you start with the larger sphere, you can progress to the slimmer sphere over time.
In this way, you have 16 levels of difficulty at your disposal to improve step by step.

Can I walk around with the cone weights?

Probably not, Kegelbell was designed for short effective training sessions of only 5 minutes 3 times a week.

It is important that you understand the handling of the kegelbell before you begin. We recommend standing relatively still while using the Kegelbell.
Getting in the shower is a good time and place to use the Kegelbell. Another option is standing over a towel in the bathroom.

Stand with your legs a little further apart and slightly bend your knees. This causes the pelvic muscles to reflexively pull up and in to keep the weight from sliding down. Once you're comfortable with the basic exercise, you can bounce your knees a little to get the external weight moving. This in turn will move the insert inside and activate the muscles even more.
If you're an experienced user, you can increase and decrease the total weight at intervals, and then increase and decrease again to practice even more muscle control.