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How does the Kegelbell training device support you?

Kegel exercises strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor .

The complex muscle network in the woman's genital area has to fulfill many important tasks and must therefore be particularly strong. Well-trained pelvic floor muscles can help and prevent many problems.

  • No more bladder weakness

    66% of women suffer from bladder weakness, a common problem caused by muscle weakness. You are not alone and Kegelbell can help

  • Have the best sex of your life

    It's a myth that sex becomes less fun as you get older. Kegelbell gets your desire, your lubrication and your orgasms going!

  • Recover after birth

    After the birth of a child, a lot can change in the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in frequent complaints afterwards. Kegelbell can help you build muscles.

What differentiates Kegelbell® from other pelvic floor trainers?

The weights are outside the body!

Kegelbell is not a Yoni-egg or a classic Kegel-training-device, it is the only vaginal weight set with external weights and this clearly distinguishes it from other pelvic floor aids.

The elastic cord on the insert connects the inner part with the weights that are outside the body and can be used completely individually. In this way, the pelvic floor can be trained in a particularly effective way - with significantly less time spent compared to other training devices on the market.

Developed by a woman for women

The training device that connects women with their inner strength and gives them back some quality of life. The Kegelbell pelvic floor training device is the only device on the market where the training weights are outside the body.

Women with a weak pelvic floor often feel held back because they have to deal with many restrictions in everyday life. This can not only be annoying, but also uncomfortable.

It's high time to return to full life!

Thats how it works

Our technology enables women to kegel with more training weight and gradually go from beginner to advanced. It is the heaviest vaginal weight set in the world!

While the standard Kegel routine takes 100 minutes per week, with Kegelbell just 5 to 15 minutes of Super-Kegel per week brings amazing benefits with great time savings.

Different weights allow you to do so in 30g increments. You can combine them exactly how it suits you.

A completely individual Kegel training is possible.

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This is what enthusiastic customers and experts say

from the USA, where the product has been on the market for 3 years

  • “After the birth of my child, I often had problems with bladder weakness while training. That was very unpleasant, but thanks to Kegelbell it's over now. The intensive triathlon training over the last two years should have made my symptoms worse, but with the Kegelbell I was optimally prepared."

    Jennifer, mom, triathlete

  • “I am excited about a product like Kegelbell. I would describe them as next generation bowling balls. They're great little weights designed specifically for the vagina and pelvic floor. Kegelbell is used three times a week for just 5 minutes. Finding the perfect cone shape is intuitive and easy, so you can achieve better results in less time.”

    Dr. Janet Williams, MD,
    FACOG und Dr. Amy Jones

  • “I am absolutely thrilled with my results with Kegelbell. I have achieved a new level of sexual freedom that I never thought possible. A big thank you to the inventor Stephanie and her product Kegelbell. You are changing the lives of many and bringing the fun back.”

    Jackie Johnson, podcast host

It's time to remove taboos from this topic

A weak pelvic floor is still a taboo topic and our culture forces us to ignore this intimate part of the body and ignore problems. It's high time we found a way to reconnect with our bodies and feel completely comfortable in them.

Our vision is that women can do everything their hearts desire in life: go out, be successful and active in sports, travel, run around with their children or have fun with their partner. And that they are never limited by weak pelvic floor muscles.

Support us now with the market launch in Germany and be part of a community in which these topics are discussed openly - for more freedom and a better quality of life.